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Why do we need a Celebrant for our Wedding (or Civil Partnership or Vow Renewal)?

So, you've decided that you want a ceremony to celebrate your marriage, civil partnership, or perhaps a renewal of vows for an anniversary or special birthday.

You know that you want it to be special and to reflect who you are, as individuals and as a couple. You may quite like the idea of including some of your family and friends in some way but have no idea where to start!

Sound familiar? Well, that’s ok because when you choose to have a Celebrant led ceremony, you will get all the help that you need to have the ceremony of your dreams. And if you don’t need any help? Well, that’s ok too!

The biggest difference choosing the right Celebrant will make to your special day is that they will make it better. They will work tirelessly to ensure that you have the celebration that you want because they want every single one of their couples (and their guests) to feel that their wedding was the the best ceremony that they have ever been to!

Two brides and Lorraine Hull, their Liverpool Celebrant

If I am your Celebrant, I will always offer to find a way to meet, or at least speak, with you at the planning stage (on the phone or FaceTime/Skype, etc.). I will listen to you and try to get to know a little about you, so that I can work with you to create a ceremony that is perfect for you. But, if you prefer to communicate by video calls, email, WhatsApp, Messenger, or in any other way, that's ok too. I do my best to fit in with you, I don't expect you to fit in with me!

I am as ‘hands on’ or ‘hands off’, with ideas, as you want me to be. Some people know exactly what they want and come to the meeting with lots of ideas and pictures on their phones, or send me pins and their 'Save the Dates' – and that is great.

Some people have absolutely no idea and look to me, as their on-hand expert, for suggestions and inspiration – and that is absolutely fine too because I have years of experience of creating bespoke ceremonies and I am more than happy to share my knowledge and discuss what may work for you. I've also worked with lots of awesome suppliers and can help with recommendations, if needed.

Liverpool Celebrant: Sand Blending for mum, dad and their children

Just because I have been doing this for quite some time doesn't mean that I think that I have seen and heard it all. Nothing could be further from the truth! I love the fact that I am coming across new and different ways of doing, or saying, things every day.

I spend hours researching weddings, poetry, cultures and marriage rituals (just ask my husband!) and I am thrilled when I find something new to offer my couples. Likewise, if someone comes to me with an idea, or a reading, that I haven't experienced ( or heard of) before, I am delighted. Quite often I/we adapt existing rituals to make them authentic to that couple.

Lorraine Hull: The bride and groom's race to cut out a heart at one of my weddings...
An adaptation of the German tradition of 'Cutting the Sheet', at a wedding with Lorraine Hull

One of the best things about being a Celebrant is hearing love and life stories. I never tire of hearing them and I have never heard the same story twice (and I never will, because we are all unique - as are our stories).

I love to hear about my couples, from them, in their own words: how they met, if there was a proposal, what they love and admire about each other (and maybe what gets on their nerves - if they're happy to share!).

If you are entrusting me with your ceremony, the more you tell me, the more personalised I can make it. Some of the things that you tell me may not be weaved into your script, but they will allow me to get to know more about you: what you like and dislike, what makes you tick and what gets on your wick - and that can only help. But don't worry I don't interrogate, everything is on your terms.

I don't have favourite types, or styles, of ceremonies, but I must admit that if love stories, laughter, happy tears, and/or animals (especially dogs) are involved, that does make me VERY happy!

Liverpool Celebrant: I love it when there is a Best Dog at a wedding!

I offer my couples examples of vows and promises and a compilation of readings, blessings and poems.

They are free to use or adapt any of these, or find or write their own. Or not have any at all, if that is what they want. Here are some of the poems and readings that couples have chosen to include. Very often, seeing what others have done helps a couple focus on what they want to say, and not say, in their own ceremony.

Similarly, with symbolic enhancements like handfastings/handtyings, sand blendings, unity cocktails, time capsules, love letter and wine ceremonies, and wishing stones - to name just a few...

Liverpool Celebrant Wedding: Handfasting to bind the wedding vows

Some couples have a distinct idea of what they want, for example a handtying, and that’s brilliant.

Others wouldn’t know what a handtying was if they fell over one, but once they hear what it is, and what it can bring to a ceremony, they love the idea!

Again, if this is you, as your Celebrant, I will be able to demystify and explain how each of these (and other) symbolic elements could work in your ceremony.

And if you decide not to have any? That is obviously fine. It is your day, I will do everything that I can to ensure that you have it your way.

These are just a few of the ways that a Celebrant would make a difference to your wedding but the best way to find out what I could do, for you, is to get in touch for a free no obligation chat...


​If you haven't already, I would love you to get in touch and tell me about you, and your story.

I would love to create your perfect ceremony. ​

To check my availability, or for more information,

please or call: 0744 932 3988

Liverpool Celebrant, Lorraine Hull, and her Cockapoo, Bramble

Hi, I am Lorraine Hull, an award-winning Celebrant, based in Liverpool.

I am most usually asked to conduct ceremonies in North-West England and North Wales but I am happy to travel anywhere within the U.K. or abroad.

At the risk of shouting (and sounding extremely cheesy) "I LOVE MY JOB!".

I really love getting to know the couples and families that ask me to be part of their special celebration, whether that is for a Wedding/Civil Partnership, Renewal/Reaffirmation of VowsNaming/Welcoming, or Celebration of Life/Funeral

I love hearing, writing and telling love and life stories (and also finding out about hopes and dreams - which are the stories of the future!)

I love to create and conduct unique, meaningful ceremonies that are perfect for each couple, individual, and/or family.

I love helping to create and celebrate happy and poignant moments, which form memories that will last a lifetime (that also includes the memories that I get to keep too - what's not to love?)

I believe that ALL people (and animals) should all be treated kindly, fairly and with respect.

I think for myself and act for others. I advocate anti-racism, the appreciation and celebration of diversity, dignity, justice, equity and equality for ALL through everything that I say and do: Love is Love, Family is Family, Life is Life.

You may like to know that I was trained to the highest level as a Celebrant and have continued my professional development. I hold Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance. I adhere to a strict code of conduct and I am committed to identifying, developing and sharing best practice with my Celebrant colleagues, so that we can all be the best Celebrants that we can possibly be.

To contact me please email: or call: 0744 932 3988


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