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Outside Renewal of Vows ceremony, with Liverpool Celebrant, Lorraine Hull

 (Photograph: Rachel Clarke Wedding Photography

Venue: West Tower, Aughton)

How I will help you
if i AM your celebrant...

I will help you to celebrate in any venue or setting (including your home or garden); whether you want it to be just the two of you, or with lots of family and friends (or anything in between).

Some people call these ceremonies a RecommitmentRenewal of Vows, Celebration of Vows or Reaffirmation of Vows.  We can call it anything that you prefer.  By the way, your ceremony doesn't have to mention or include vows (if that is your preference)

Your ceremony can be as love and laughter-filled, nostalgic, thankful, hopeful, fun, romantic, non-cheesy, relaxed or formal, as you want it to be.  Although I must admit that most of the couples that choose me as their celebrant don't tend to want a 100% formal ceremony - they're much more likely to go for a combination of all (or most) of the other styles mentioned.

Whatever is the best fit for you, I will work with you to make your ceremony unique and reflective of your love, your relationship, your lives, and your personalities.

It is your special day (again): I will help you to celebrate it your way!

I'd love to hear your plans and be part of your celebration. 

Does it sound like I may be the celebrant for you?

Ruby Wedding Renewal of Vows with Lorraine Hull

 (Photograph: taken by guest

Venue: Couple's local pub, St Helens)

How much it will cost
if i am your Vow Renewal celebrant...

Just as I don't have 'one script for all', I don't have 'one price for all' either. 

I appreciate that organising a special celebration can be expensive; in order to assist with managing your budget, I have held my 2023 prices for 2024 and offer a range of interest-free payment plans.

I aim to provide excellent added value for your investment You will have the benefit, and reassurance, of my many years of experience and expertise - and I promise that I will be totally invested in YOU and your ceremony.

I don't charge extra for weekends, Bank Holidays, or evenings, but there are several factors that affect my fee - one being the distance that I will have to travel for meetings and for your ceremony. 

You will find that my fees are fair and transparent.  I will be able to give you a comprehensive quote once I have checked some details with you. 


However, to give you an indication, a unique Vow Renewal Ceremony created and conducted exclusively for you, anywhere in Merseyside, STARTS FROM JUST £600 (interest-free payment plans are available, please ask for details)

If you would like to find out more

i'd love to hear about you & your plans...

Lorraine Hull renewal of vows in Liverpool

Please get in touch...

Tell me what you are planning (including where and when - if you already know).


I'd love to hear your stories, get to know you, and go on to create and conduct the perfect ceremony, written just for you.


To check my availability and/or for more information, please complete this form (or email 

or call/message 07449323988)

Thank you for getting in touch. I will get back to you as soon as I can (please check your Spam/Junk if you don't receive an email)

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