About Me

Things I love...

I love football, animals, music, great food, 

travelling, having a laugh, 

and enjoying life 

(not necessarily in that order).​​


      and why I'm thankful...  

I am very fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful people

who love and support me: my husband, children, extended family and friends - 

not forgetting our gorgeous Cockapoo Bramble who came to live with us very recently, after our beloved Sprollie Pip died, in 2018, aged 19

(here's Pip at our wedding in 2014)

I know that I am extremely lucky and I am utterly grateful for the love, laughter, encouragement, joy, cocktails, tea, cake, reality checks and for everything else that these special people (and dog) bring to my life

(although Bramble's not so good with the cocktails, tea or cake bits!)

And as if that isn't enough, I also have the best job in the world.  


I have had many jobs, they have been quite diverse and I have enjoyed most of them.  

But, I have never had a job like this one!  


I can truly say that I LOVE MY JOB!

Contact Me


One of the best things about being a Celebrant is meeting people and hearing their stories.


I never tire of hearing them and I have never heard the same story twice (and I never will, because we are all unique - as are our stories).

I would love you to get in touch and tell me about you, and your story.  I would love to create your perfect ceremony.  

To check my availability, or for more information, please complete this form

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