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Liverpool Celebrant Lorraine Hull at outside naming ceremony

 (Photograph: Folkstar Photography

Venue: Sudley House Gardens, Liverpool)

What is a naming ceremony?

They are often part of the celebrations to welcome the arrival of a new baby or child (or more than one) whether by birth, adoption, or the blending of families and are a special way of uniting families and celebrating that unity.


Naming Ceremonies are also a wonderful way for adults who have chosen to affirm a new name, for a variety of reasons.  A Naming Ceremony could help to celebrate a new beginning after a divorce, or it might be a special way for people with a trans experience to affirm and celebrate the name that they have chosen.


The reasons to hold a Naming Ceremony are always special.

They definitely aren’t just for babies!

Would you like me to be part of your celebration?

Sand Blending Ceremony with Lorraine Hull

 (Photograph: taken by guest

Venue: Sheldrakes, Heswall)

What happens at a naming ceremony?

Naming ceremonies will usually involve the important people in the person’s life: family and special friends.


If the naming is for a baby, or child, parents have the opportunity to invite other adults to play a supportive, or mentoring, role to their child through to adult life (sometimes called Guideparents or Guardiansoccasionally Oddparents or Sparents).


This may seem similar to the Godparents' responsibility, at a christening or baptism, but the role given and celebrated at a Naming Ceremony is centred on the relationship, now and in the future, between the child and the other person/people in their life, rather than the child and God/ the church.  

Naming Ceremonies are about acknowledging and celebrating family, friends, and community and looking forward, positively, to all of life's hopes, dreams and adventures.


If the Naming Ceremony is for yourself, you may want to acknowledge and include people who are special and have been supportive to you.


Poems, readings, music, and quotes of personal significance can be used throughout the ceremony.  Sand blendings, wish trees, time capsules and tree plantings are just a few elements that you may wish to include.  I'll be happy to offer advice and support on what may work best for you, depending on your circumstances and venue.

Whether you want it to be simple or elaborate, shared with many of your friends and family or just you and a select few, I will help you to celebrate your special occasion your way.

I'd love to hear your plans

Fun Naming Ceremony with Lorraine Hull, Liverpool Celebrant

 (Guardian Promises at Rainford Village Hall)

How much it will cost
if i am your NAMING DAY celebrant...

Just as I don't have 'one script for all', I don't have 'one price for all' either. 


I don't charge extra for weekends, Bank Holidays, or evenings but there are several factors that affect my fee - one being the distance that I will have to travel for meetings and for your ceremony. 


I will be able to give you a comprehensive quote once I have checked some details with you. 


However, to give you an indication, a unique Naming Ceremony, designed, created, and conducted exclusively, just for you, STARTS FROM JUST £350 (interest-free payment plans are available, please ask for details)

If you would like to find out more

i'd love to hear from you...

Lorraine Hull

Please Get in touch

I would love to hear about you and your plans and work with you to create a unique Ceremony that is perfect for you.  

To check my availability, or for more information,
please complete this form
(or email or call/message 07449323988)

Thank you for getting in touch. I will get back to you as soon as I can (please check your Spam/Junk if you don't receive an email)

 (just because she is so adorable,

this is me and my granddaughter)

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