FAQ: "How much do you charge for a Wedding or Civil Partnership Ceremony?"

As everyone has different priorities and budgets, I offer the choice of my Gold or Diamond Collection for your Wedding or Civil Partnership ceremony.

To give you an indication, my fee for a totally bespoke Gold Collection ceremony, in Liverpool City Centre, starts from only £495 (interest-free payment plans are available for both collections, please ask for details)

Gold Collection ceremonies are for couples who want their ceremony to be a major part of their day; couples who want their ceremony to reflect them, their personalities, and their relationship. Gold is for couples who want all of their guests to know that they have been to THEIR ceremony - not just any old ceremony. It is my most popular collection.

The Diamond Collection offers the ultimate package, including even more opportunities to connect; it contains everything that is offered in the Gold but it is for couples that want to take designing their ceremony to an even higher level - it is particularly suited to ceremonies being held at home or at venues that are outdoors, especially if you do not have an event planner or co-ordinator.

Celebrant: Lorraine Hull | Photo by: AJR Photography | Venue: The Bombed Out Church

I have always believed that the ceremony is the most important part of a Wedding or Civil Partnership Day - without the ceremony it is just a party with a really nice cake! I believe that the ceremony should feel authentic and personal to the couple and set the mood for the rest of the celebrations. I also strongly believe that everyone should have a great ceremony that is perfect for them - I suppose you could say "Obviously, I believe that or I wouldn't be a Celebrant" (Which I have to admit is true - but that is because I know the difference a great ceremony makes!) I have the utmost respect for the Registration Service, but after many years working at a Register Office I know that, by law (and logistically, because of the sheer volume of ceremonies that they have to complete) the registrars have to use very generic scripts, with prescribed wording, lots of restrictions, and very limited opportunity for personalisation - plus you would rarely have the opportunity to know who will conduct your ceremony, let alone choose them, have them design your ceremony and have the opportunity to meet with them before your Big Day.

I accept that would not be a problem for some people and they would be absolutely fine with a routine registrars ceremony, which is exactly the same as everyone else's - apart from the names. I honestly do understand that, for quite a lot of people, that is good enough. But it doesn't have to be that way. Nobody's ceremony should just be 'good enough'; everyone should feel that their ceremony was the best that it could possibly be - or even better!

Celebrant: Lorraine Hull | Photo by: Rachel Burt | Venue: The Athenaeum

My fee reflects many years of experience, my award-winning expertise, my commitment to best practice and continuing my professional development and the personal service that I provide. And, of course, I don't just turn up on the day of your ceremony with a generic script and a packet of Post-It notes!

My fee reflects the many hours (and hours!) of work that I would put into making sure that you, and your guests, remember your Wedding or Civil Partnership as the best that you, and they, have ever been to - EVER! However, I appreciate that keeping to a budget is crucial and although I believe my fee offers tremendous value for money, I would never want someone to choose me if it is beyond what they can afford or want to pay. As I have already mentioned, interest-free payment plans are available, please ask for details.

Celebrant: Lorraine Hull | Photo by: Jade Maguire | Venue: Constellations

You can book up to three years ahead and, once you have paid your booking fee, the total fee will not increase - for any reason (should you need to reschedule you will be able to move your ceremony to any date that I have available, without any surcharge or rebooking fee).

I offer unlimited contact from enquiry to the day itself.  I get to know some of my couples really well - because that is what they want.  Others, I know less well - because that is what they want. 

Irrespective, my aim is for all of my couples to feel confident that they have entrusted their ceremony to safe, capable, hands and to always be able to feel, and remember, that that their wedding was very, very, special.

Celebrant: Lorraine Hull | Photo by a guest | Venue: Kings Acre, Saughall

Coronavirus update: I will always be absolutely delighted to do anything that I can to help you to have the wedding celebration that you want, but, like any other reputable professional, I must abide by any national and local regulations that are in force on the day of your ceremony - e.g. lockdowns, social distancing and/or maximum numbers.

I really wish that I could say there aren't any restrictions at all - I used to love to be able to say 'there are no rules', but coronavirus has changed that! (for now, at least). Hopefully, sometime soon I will be able to update this blog and take out all of the references to coronavirus - won't that be a wonderful day!

Having said that, whether we are in the midst of a pandemic or not, you will find that I am much more flexible and accommodating than the Registrars and here are some of the reasons why:

I don't have 'slots' - your ceremony can be at any time that works for you

Your ceremony doesn't have to take place in a specific approved venue - it can be anywhere

I don't (and won't) add extra unnecessary rules

You will have my direct number and email address and I will be responsive to your calls and messages

I will genuinely care about you and your wedding

I will always do everything that I can to help you have an amazing day, filled with happy memories

I promise that from the moment you book onwards, your special day will always be pretty special to me too (cheesy but true)...

Celebrant: Lorraine Hull | Photo by: Barnaby Aldrick | Venue: Meols Hall

I am a member of the Celebrants Collective, a professional organisation that aims to support Celebrants to be the best that they can possibly be; I am also fully insured and registered with HMRC and last, but by no means least, although you can't put a price on it, I just wanted to mention (in case you didn't already know): I REALLY love being a Celebrant!

If you would like to check my availability, or would like more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch and I will come back to you as quickly as I can.

To contact me please email: lorraine@liverpoolcelebrant.co.uk or call/message: 0744 932 3988

Hi, I am Lorraine Hull, an award-winning Independent Celebrant, based in Liverpool.

I am most usually asked to conduct ceremonies in North-West England and North Wales but I am happy to travel anywhere within the U.K. or abroad.

At the risk of shouting (and sounding extremely cheesy - again!) "I LOVE MY JOB".

I love to create and conduct personal and personalised Wedding, Partnership, Commitment, Naming, and Celebration of Life ceremonies; anyone, and everyone, is welcome to ask me to work with, and for, them.

I believe that all people (and animals) should all be treated kindly, fairly and with respect.

We are all unique and we all matter.

I advocate kindness, fairness, respect and equality for all through everything that I say and do: Love is Love, Family is Family, Life is Life.

You may also like to know that I hold Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance, I adhere to a strict code of conduct and I am committed to developing and sharing best practice with my Celebrant colleagues, so that we can all be the best Celebrants that we can possibly be.

To contact me please email: lorraine@liverpoolcelebrant.co.uk or call/message: 0744 932 3988

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