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There are many ways of adding personalised elements to your wedding ceremony. Sand ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular. They can be a lovely way of including children that the couple have, either together, or with previous partners. Used in this way, it is a symbolic act acknowledging the importance of the family bond formed by the marriage that is being celebrated.

You can buy the separate items needed yourself. You can choose bottles, jars, vases or even picture frames. You can spend anything from a few pounds to a small fortune! It really is up to you. If it suits your theme, items like vintage jars and bottles can be picked up from charity shops. Mason jars are currently widely available in many shops.

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The following is an example Sand Ceremony, written for a couple and their three children. Of course, your Celebrant will write something especially for you and your family circumstances.

Daniel and Felicity, you came here today as individuals from two different families.

Today you have committed to share the rest of your lives together.

At the beginning of the ceremony, a base of sand was placed in this jar symbolising the foundation on which you are beginning your married life together.

But there is not only you two.

Your children Jordan, Lilly and Alexis are also part of your relationship.

This new family relationship is symbolised through the pouring of these individual bottles of sand.

Each grain of sand, in your individual bottles, represents a single and separate moment, decision, feeling or event that has already happened, in your lives, and all of those that are yet to happen.

These coloured grains represent all that you were, all that you are and all that you will be.

The yellow sand represents you, Daniel, and the strength and uniqueness that you bring to this family.

The blue sand represents you, Felicity, and the strength and uniqueness that you bring to this family.

The green sand represents you, Jordan, and the strength and uniqueness that you bring to this family.

The purple sand represents you, Lilly, and the strength and uniqueness that you bring to this family.

The red sand represents you, Alexis, and the strength and uniqueness that you bring to this family.

As these five sands are poured into the jar they will be joined together, as one. They will form a unique pattern of colours that could never be recreated.

(Each pours their sand into the jar)

Look how much more beautiful the sand now looks.

The individual layers symbolise that in life, and within your family, you each retain your character and individuality.

Where the layers meet and the colours have blended together, that symbolises how you will enjoy each other's company and work together and support each other, whatever life brings you.

Daniel and Felicity, just as these grains can never be separated and poured back into their individual bottles, your family has been united and strengthened by the commitment that you have made here today.

May you all always remember the happiness that you feel today and never become separated...

If you would like to include a sand ceremony, or any other enhancement, your Celebrant will be more than happy to discuss your ideas and will work with you to ensure that you have a ceremony that is perfect for you.

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