Liverpool Celebrant: An idea on how to include your Mum in your Wedding Ceremony...

If you are having a wedding ceremony and would like to include a special moment to honour your mums, how about "Last Kiss before the First Kiss"?

After the vows and exchange of wedding rings, just before the pronouncement and the "First Kiss" your Celebrant invites your mums to come forward and stand next to you. The following is an example of words that could be used. In this case it is for two grooms, it would obviously be adapted to suit you.

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And now Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for _______ and _______'s last kiss before they are pronounced as husbands together.

___ and his mother, ___ and ___ and his mother ___, will now offer this kiss.

These mother's lips were the first to kiss them after they gave them life and brought them into this world. And today, a mother's love - together with their blessings - will be first to send them on their way to their new life together.

Mums. . . please kiss your sons!

Thank you ladies, please be seated.

And now, _____ and ______ it is my privilege and pleasure to announce to you, your families and your friends, that you are husband and husband together, would you like to seal this moment with a kiss?

If you would like to include this, or any other enhancement, to personalise your ceremony, speak to your Celebrant (who will hopefully be me!) who will be delighted to work with you to ensure that you have exactly the ceremony that you want.

And here is a beautiful reading that you may not have seen, or heard, before...

I Am Love

Some say I can fly on the wind, yet I haven’t any wings.

Some have found me floating on the open sea, yet I cannot swim.

Some have felt my warmth on cold nights, yet I have no flame.

And though you cannot see me, I lay between two lovers at the hearth of fireplaces.

I am the twinkle in a child’s eyes.

I am hidden in the lines of your mother’s face.

I am your father’s shield as he guards your home.

And yet…

Some say I am stronger than steel, yet I am as fragile as a tear.

Some have never searched for me, yet I am around them always.

Some say I die with loss, yet I am endless.

And though you cannot hear me, I dance on the laughter of children.

I am woven into the whispers of passion.

I am in the blessings of Grandmothers.

I embrace the cries of newborn babies.

And yet…

Some say I am a flower, yet I am also the seed.

Some have little faith in me, yet I will always believe in them.

Some say I cannot cure the ill, yet I nourish the soul.

And though you cannot touch me, I am the gentle hand of the kind.

I am the fingertips that caress your cheek at night.

I am your husband.

I am love.

(Author unknown)

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