Liverpool Celebrant: How to include Wine & Chocolate in your wedding ceremony...

There are many different traditions and symbolic rituals that can add something personal, and meaningful, to your wedding. When you have a Celebrant led ceremony you have access to a wide range of enhancements and your Celebrant will be happy to discuss which best suit you.

The 'Wine & Chocolate' enhancement represents that life has both bitter and sweet moments and that you will experience them together.

This symbolic addition can be placed anywhere in the ceremony but many couples choose to have it just before their wedding vows. You will need two small portions of Dark Chocolate, to represent the bitter, and two small glasses of Red Wine, to represent the sweet. If you don't want to use wine, fruit juice would also work.

Before eating the chocolate and drinking the wine, you may wish to use the following words (or, of course, your Celebrant will work with you to create something that is unique to you):

"During your married life, there will be many reasons to celebrate but there will, inevitably, be times of sadness. Life will bring great adventures and happiness for you both, but also some unavoidable pain.

And so, to symbolise your acceptance of this reality, today you will share the bitter and the sweet together, just as you will share them in all the years to come.

It is the hope of everyone here that you share much more laughter than tears but we also hope that by facing everything, that life has in store, together, your love and friendship will grow even stronger..."

These beautiful hand-made 70% Dark Chocolate hearts are filled with a rich and intense salted caramel and finished with gold lustre for extra sparkle.

They were made by the very talented Kate at Gallery Cocoa, in Liverpool, and would be perfect for the 'Wine & Chocolate' ceremony.

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