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handfasting ribbons
  • Handfasting Ribbon/Cord

    These Ribbons may be used for handfastings, hand tyings,  or for binding the vows that you have made during a (more traditional) wedding, or renewal of vows, ceremony.


    Check out my website article for more information on how to include promise ribbons (including the vows for Robb Stark and Talisa Maegyr's handfasting in Game of Thrones)


    The items shown are from previous Liverpool Celebrant ceremonies and the colours, width of ribbon and adornments were chosen by the couples. 

    The woven Ribbons/Cords are approximately 150-175cm long - depending on how many strands are used (each unwoven strand is 200cm long)


    The strands are made from 6mm wide, double-sided satin ribbon.  Please include details of which colours you would like. 


    This listing is for between 5 - 12 strands.  These ribbons can be made with any number of strands, please send me a message for more information (please note, the more strands, the wider the cord).  The cords can be made with completely different colours, or just one - or any combination in between.


    Some people choose colours to match their theme, others believe that the colours have specific significance. Here is a list of some suggested meanings:
          Red: passion, strength, lust, fertility
          Orange: encouragement, attraction, kindness, plenty
          Yellow: charm, confidence, joy, balance
          Green: finances, fertility, charity, prosperity, health
          Blue: tranquility, patience, devotion, sincerity
          Purple: Power, piety, sanctity, sentimentality
          Black: strength, wisdom, vision, success
          White: purity, concentration, meditation, peace
          Grey: neutrality, balance
          Pink: unity, honour, truth, romance, happiness
          Brown: earth, grounding, talent, telepathy, home
          Silver: treasure, values, creativity, inspiration
          Gold: energy, wealth, intelligence, longevity


    The Promise Ribbons can also be colour co-ordinated with other items available from my shop.


    Please contact me for further information about the full range of colours and adornments that are currently available.  If I do not have what you want, I will do my very best to source it for you.

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