Real Celebrant Naming Ceremony: all you need is love (and maybe a gazebo and some bubbles)

Naming ceremonies don't need to take place in traditional venues, many are held at home, or in public spaces.

This gorgeous little girl's Naming Day ceremony day was held in the grounds of a local art gallery and museum (we checked first that it would be ok!)

On the day, we had some light rain, but it didn't matter - because we were prepared! In fact, if anything, it made it even better - because we huddled underneath, and around, the gazebo.

Liverpool Celebrant: Sudley House and Gardens Naming Ceremony
Liverpool Celebrant: so much love and laughter at this outside Naming Ceremony

Celebrants celebrate, tell stories and help to create memories, and so do great photographers. I have had the pleasure of working with some wonderful photographers, who connect with whoever the ceremony is for and with their guests.

Photographers, like Liam Doyle (of Folkstar Photography) who totally get what is going on and are interested in, and care about, capturing special moments like these...

Liverpool Celebrant: Gorgeous Naming Day photo from Liam Doyle of Folkstar Photography
Liverpool Celebrant: Gorgeous Naming Day photo from Liam Doyle of Folkstar Photography
Liverpool Celebrant: Gorgeous Naming Day photo from Liam Doyle of Folkstar Photography

Laughter, the Beatles, and bubbles: a perfect end to a perfect ceremony…

Thank you to our star guest's mum and dad for entrusting me with such a special moment in their precious daughter’s life.

Thank you to this gorgeous wrestling loving bundle of fun for being a superstar – and for my flower and for teaching me how to emulate, and pull off, her very effective and impenetrable ‘stare’.

To each of the guests for their energy and enthusiasm and for everything that they added to the ceremony.

And to our wonderful photographer, Liam Doyle (of Folkstar Photography) who captured all of these special moments – and many more.

This is the poem, written by Emily Martin, that was read by Lyla's mum at the end of her Naming Ceremony:

The Wonderful Things You Will Be

When I look at you and you look at me

I wonder what wonderful things you will be

When you were too small to tell me hello

I knew you were someone I wanted to know

For all of your tininess couldn't disguise

A heart so enormous and wild and wise

This is the first time there's ever been you,

So I wonder what wonderful things you will do.

Will you stand up for good by saving the day?

Or play a song only you know how to play?

Will you tell a story that only you know?

Will you learn what it means to help things to grow?

Will you learn how to fly to find the best view?

Or take care of things much smaller than you?

I know you'll be kind and clever and bold.

And the bigger your heart the more it will hold.

When nights are black and when days are grey -

You'll be brave and bright so no shadows can stay.

Then you will discover all there is to see

And become anybody that you'd like to be

And then I'll look at you and you'll look at me

And I'll love you whoever you've grown up to be.

Liverpool Celebrant: Lorraine Hull

Hi, I am Lorraine Hull, an award-winning Celebrant, based in Liverpool.